Eureka Youth Sports League

Build the Park


The full-sized (200X85) hockey rink will have boards and lights for night play. The rink will made of sand. It will be free to all, and available for skating and ice hockey in the winter and sand soccer in the summer.

Roller Hockey

The cement roller hockey rink will allow for playing hockey in the summer and roller sports.


There will be a total of 7 soccer fields:

  • 1 full sized field
  • 2 U-11 fields (80'x50')
  • 2 U-8 fields (35'x25')
  • 2 U-6 fields.

Running/Biking Trails

The biking and jogging trails will run parallel to each other around the perimeter of the park, with one lap equal to roughly 2/3’s of a mile. The inside track will be a walking/jogging trail and will be fairly flat. The outside trail will feature mountain terrain suitable to beginner to intermediate mountain bikers.

Basketball/Volleyball (later phase)

We hope to add a full-sized basketball court that could also possibly be used for pickleball. We would also build a tennis court and 2 sand beach volleyball courts.


In the final phase, we would like to build a picnic area and playground for the smaller kids.